Every modern woman probably has these three things: a fashionable smartphone, a little extra weight, and the continual wish to somehow lose that weight.

What should you do to lose weight? Stop eating, work-out all day, count every calorie? Matthew Freeman, Weight Management Specialist, has overcome the stereotypes to create three new weight loss methods that might surprise you.

A healthy lifestyle is a great idea in principle, but many people simply don't have the time to train, eat properly, take vitamins, or have regular check ups.

My research about females' ability to burn fat found that maximum results were demonstrated by those women who often have sex, experience stress, and use body wraps. Green Spa .

Method 1

How Sex Influences Weight Loss

Having sex to lose weight is a good idea because it relaxes psychologically, normalizes hormonal balance, alleviates stress, and is a lot of fun! :)

During sexual intercourse, breathing accelerates and pulse increases to 140 bpm - equivalent to burning of 400 calories/hour. Higher body temperature contributes to a reduction in the body's fat layer.

During sex, the average heart rate is 120 beats/minute. And an orgasm burns calories even faster as the pulse increases to 140 bpm.

But finding a decent male partner is not easy - leading to women's depression and weight gain.

Method 2

How Stress Influences Weight Loss

"Stress helped me lose weight," you hear from a chocolate-munching friend who dropped two sizes last month. It's simple: stress is often accompanied by over-stress and muscle spasms in the gastrointestinal tract. In stressful situations, the body burns a lot of energy (around 700 kcal) and prevents incoming calories becoming fat deposits.

Which leads to body fat burning 8 times faster - and weight loss.

Method 3

How Green Spa Body Wraps Influence Weight Loss

The Green Spa body wrap is exactly what people are looking for who just can't get rid of nuisance extra inches in problem areas, and those with stretch-mark prone skin. It's a 2-in-1 remedy: removing excess fat and tightening skin. The fantastic advantage of Green Spa is its convenient home-use.

Green Spa acts in an integral way:

  1. active components of the fat-burning cream penetrate the skin - destroying fat deposits and eliminating stretch marks.
  2. The thermal film creates a sauna-like effect: gently opening pores, dispersing lymph, and dividing stagnant issues.
  3. Regular body wrap with Green Spa during treatment reduces body volume from 1.6 to 6.3 inches - depending on individual body profile. With Green Spa , you can lose 8 pounds per week - effortlessly and safely. without any effort and damage to health.

Wrapping is ideal for problem areas: hands, abdomen, and hips - retaining the breast volume often negatively impacted by training and dieting.

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I'm tired of being fat - I just can't shift this unsightly belly. I always wear a jacket to try to hide my shameful extra layers...I'll try this body wrap for sure...


Why suffer these humiliations, girls? Just have lots of sex - that's the best sport. And you'll be thinner and toned. You don't need exercise machines, just a good bed :)


men don't like skinny girls - they like something to get hold of... best they can be.


I agree 100%. That happened to me. A year ago I was a popular model, but after a scandal my contracts were cancelled, I lost work, and had no money. It was SO stressful - I lost weight SO quickly started losing weight by leaps and bounds. Then my man left me...which just added to the stress...Just imagine, I was 5 ft 9 and weighed 105 pounds - terrible. So girls be sure to love yourselves and avoid stress!


I use Green Spa too. After giving birth, I lost 19 pounds and almost 3 inches around the waist - and I've retained that weight loss. My skin all over is super supple and toned - and with a nice suntan I shape up real good...


With Green Spa I got rid of the horrible cellulite from my legs - and my belly looks better too. Slimmer and nicely toned. At 37 years old I thought it was too late to change...


I'm fat too, but my husband still loves me....Everything depends on your self-esteem. You have to love yourself.


You couldn't be more wrong. I love myself and love taking care of myself. Men fall in love through their eyes - so every woman should look good both to herself and her husband. I also gained some extra weight, so I want to try Green Spa . I can't go to a gym, so for me it's the ideal alternative.


When I broke up with my boyfriend, I lost 15 pounds from stress - but looked terrible, sickly, and tired.....It's better to lose weight in a controlled manner.


I've never heard so much bull - you can only lose weight by eating less. Period.


I had a body wrap at in a beauty salon - it was super effective but super expensive DIY at home is better...


Girls listen up - this is really effective! I had wraps 7 times and lost SO much weight. I highly recommend!


I reckon cardio exercise is better...I lose weight without dieting or exercise just with sex :) - it burns off the calories. I can do it 2-3 times a day and lose about 11 pounds in a month.


I eat like a horse - burgers, sweets, cakes..... But I don't really put on weight because I have a good man by my side in life...and in bed...:)


Well this isn't for me - I completely lack willpower. I couldn't survive a diet for more than 3 days.......


I regularly work-out at the gym but still can't get rid of my cellulite...I don't believe in the body wrap at all - nothing comes easy.

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